Knife Hit App Reviews

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Beaty and the beast

The game has a beauty side and a beast side. The beauty side is, well, beautiful. First of all the knives are very creative, and I love the bosses this game is very fun and is very recommended for people who love strategy. Now the beast side is when I play the game when I have internet while I play it and I throw a knife and it glitches and kills me. Thats it. I think it is a very fun and cool game lolololololololololololol Hello!!!

Awesome game

I love the fun simple aspect and the variety of knives. Great game!

SO SO GOOD 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD my kids LOVED this game it helped them with strategies.

It so good

Please give me free stuff

Kinda fun

It’s fun but the game opened with an ad. And then there were more


Your advertisements slow down the game and you charge for the vip too much

It’s a good game but glitches.

Sometimes when I play the game it makes my knives disappear and basically I’m invincible and sooner or later I die. Fix the game please it’s a good game.

Too much ads

Stop putting so much ads it makes me not want to play anymore

Fix the lagging

This is an amazing and creative game with a nice concept similar to aa. The ads are also spaced out perfectly so that it doesn’t get too annoying. My only problem with the game though, is that it lags way too frequently when you click on the app to start playing it, and I know there is nothing wrong with my device since all the other games I have don’t lag nearly as much. This lagging gets to the point where it messes up my progress in the level all the time and makes it so even when I aim perfectly I still lose bc it slows down and makes me hit another knife by mistake. Please fix this and I will give you the full five stars, it ruins my experience at times.

This app would have been fun without so many ads.

I understand games popping up ads every now & then, but this game has gone overboard. If I fail once or twice, I'm prompted with an ad. I played this game for maybe 10 mins & uninstalled because there's just too many ads & I'm not going to pay money to get rid of them when they were this annoying in the first place because that's bad marketing in my opinion. It would be like watching a tv show & every 2 minutes of show time, they would cut out to a commercial. Eventually, u wouldn't even want to watch the show anymore. This game would have gotten 4 stars (knocking off a star for repetitiveness) if there weren't so many ads.

بازی Knife hit

سلام. خیلی بده که هر دفعه میره از اول به خاطر همینه که این بازی زیاد طرفدار نداره

Ad loaded

Ad loaded game.

Knife hit

I love knife got it is the best pocket game in the world and it’s fun when you just want something to do and I love it and it’s a great family competition game for family fun night or if you want to challenge your self there is challenges that get harder as you complete more. Also you can unlock new knifes that look insanely cool. So you should definitely get this game.

Knife hit

I was playing and it take away my Apple

Bad app!

Why is this app showing me distracting advertisements even AFTER I paid for the premium version?

Don’t waste your time

The adds and pop ups on this game are ridiculous. My kids found this game and I installed it for them. But 2 minutes after playing it they kept coming to me saying the game locked up the phone but it was just the adds would start with no way to get out of them. So the ads are equivalent to male ware on your computer. Don’t waste your time!!!!

Want Ads, play this game

Two ads before your very first game. If you enjoy a ton of ads, this is your game!


I have been playing this game on and off for a while and I always come back to it. Overall I think it’s really, really, really fun and addicting. 1484638276292626484848888733899095847/10 would recommend!

You got me addicted thanks

Ahh I got addicted to your game and got my friends addicted thank👍 ahhhj

Too many ads and glitches

Way too many ads and it sends you to App Store even when you X out of ad. Often the ads glitch and make you have to reload the game. Worst is that the game gets glitchy and speeds up or freezes as you throw a knife making you lose. Could be good. But it just isn’t.


it’s a good game but it would be so much better and easier to play without the ads popping up so much. they slow down the game and cause it to glitch. ketchapp’s games have always done this though cause I’ve gotten lots of their games before and got constant ads, but I wouldn’t recommend their latest games. it seems like there’s more ads in the game which slow the game down and it’s harder to play.

Good Game, needs one fix

I really enjoy this game! It is fun to learn and is difficult enough to be interesting. My only problem is I can’t play my own music while playin it which makes it hard to play on long car rides. If I turn off the games sound mechanic I should be able to play my own music while playing the game, but it doesn’t work like that. Please fix this because I love this game but I love my music more.

I love this app

This game is amazing



False advertising

First want to say the gameplay is quite fun...when you’re on airplane mode! Otherwise, there seems to be a background attempt to be connecting to something all the time. As such, the frame rate of the game becomes quite jumpy making it completely impossible to time knife throws! Next, the number of ads is insane. So buying the “no ads” is almost mandatory. Unfortunately, after the latest update, I now get one blaring loud ad for one of their other games as soon as I open the app! The last straw for me, though, was that when you actually voluntarily choose to watch one of the ads to try and get extra apples, only about 1 in 4 actually results in getting any apples! Either the game flat crashes, or the ad crashes, or you get through the ad and get no apples! On top of that, after trying to watch 2-3 ads, the option to watch more is seemingly turned off! This is absolutely the ONLY game I have played where their ads don’t apparently work! Good bye!

Wayyyyyy to much ads

Too much ads

Great game

It is very fun and addictive

Vs mode

Please add a vs mode

Why are their still ads?

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while now, and I’ve been loving it!! I recently purchased the ( no ads and free revive ), and there are still ads? This kind of annoyed me , but I just accepted it, but I would really like if there where (NO) ads after you purchase no ads. Otherwise the game is super fun! Keep up the good work!

Had it with the lag

Sudden lag right before you throw a knife. Deleted this game right after it happened for the millionth time.. bye



Amazing game

This game is really fun and you can play for Hours you might get a little Bit frustrated but you’ll get the hang of it after tries

Ads crash the game

I’m not saying I hate watching ads or anything like that; I get you watch ads on a free game. But multiple different ads crash the game that it really discouraged me from coming back to play. Unfortunate, because it’s a fun game otherwise.

Rocky’s Opinion

Cool game


If u r reading this, I dead

More adds then play time

Ads popping up every 5 Minutes and you can’t play the game

I paid for Ad-free and getting Ads

What’s the point of paying for Ad-free if I’m getting an Ad every time I start the game. This they did in their last update.


It awesome

Awesome game

Pretty fun game when board

Knife hit is fun

It’s really good to play but when you tap ads come up and I click on them accidentally.


FUN keeps me entertained!!!!!


This is such a relaxing game to me. When I first started playing, I noticed there were way to many ads and it would glitch the game a bit. But, if you turn off the cellular data for the game, you don’t any problems with ads. It’ll be just like buying it, but without wasting money. Obviously, if you want daily gifts or whatever, you’ll have to switch that back on. But it works perfectly for me! Great game 😊

Too much ads

Way too many ads I got to the point where I had to delete the app

My review

It’s just that my iPad keeps freezing & I really want the knife when you finish the soda can boss but I can’t😡😡😡😡

Some ideas

Ok so I’ve been playing this game for a while and I love but I would like if you added some knifes based on tv shows like rick and morty, teen titans, family guy , etc I just think people would play it more if they could get a knife based on their favorite tv show!

Paid for no ads, got ads

Unbelievable, paid for no ads and all got ads every time.

Poor quality

This gam is super laggy, it would be fun if it wasn’t almost impossible to play


This game is pretty good

Knife Hit

Git knife hit!


Nice game

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