Knife Hit App Reviews

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The game is really enjoyable, i had this game downloaded before the new updates and it ran smoother than the newer version.

Cool game!

Awesome game!


So good of a game can’t stop playing my favorite game right now I just beat the legendary apple pie 😂

Good app

Sometimes if I hit a knife and want to watch a video it will not let me and it lags barley

Ads are BS

There are way to many ads. 5.99 a week Is BS to pay for these games. Will never download again

Way to much ads

Every time I lose an ad pips up an I really hate that.fix it

The lag

Your game is lagging so much. how does this even happen it doesn’t even run on the internet, mostly ever game I play it freezes right when I tap it so it hits the other knifes. Please fix this.

The Slice

I think this game is very addicting and fun as you can tell by the design,boss ideas and the effort

Glitching causes mess ups

The glitching of the game is annoying. It’s constant and undesirable.

Amazing game

It is amazing


After a while the game starts to lag and it makes me lose, it makes videos pop up in the middle of a round and it always crashes


I Purchased ad free, but it wasn’t movie free. Also, there are no instructions, and it’s really hard to see what the angle is on this game

Knife Hit

It so good and 😎 good and awesome 👏

Good game, but....

Too many ads and often the game lags because of them.


Lots of RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is good but…

This game when I downloaded it it was good and had no lags or anything and then after a while when I started playing it it started having adds and lags

Best Game Ever

This game is addicting so entertaining and by far the best game I have ever played in my life the more you get to know the game the better it gets. I play this game 24/7. In the game you can play challenges or just enjoy a normal game to beat your scores and you can collect different blades. I love this game and definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of a challenge, a distraction, and a good time. LOVE THIS GAME!😍😍😍😘😘😘😘XOXOXO

5 star

Da game is really fun

Ok the age rating...

The age rating is unreasonable 12+ for your new fruit master ITS SLICING FRUIT!!!!!!! Just like voodoo!! Your copying there age ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean first knockoffs now the same age rating!!!!! I’m very disappointed. But besides that fun game...


best game ever recommend it to anyone in the world who knows how to have fun and I LOVE this game I’m addictive to it

3 stars at best

Honestly a good game but lags super often and never lets me use a video to continue

Age 12+ ads?

Game play is good and leveling up is definitely addicting. I think the ads are too frequent which may be par for the course considering it’s the free version. Unfortunately for my 12 year old I believe some ads are inappropriate especially the one about cheating in relationships where a woman finds her husband in the bed with another woman and you can choose to join in. Funny for adults. Bad for a youth.

Fun but needs a fix

The game is very fun the only problem is that the ads will freeze up on your or just stick you on a white page and you’ll have to reset the app quite a lot. Also the ads lag the game constantly. I would rate higher if those two problems were fixed.

Too many ads


It’s ok

THERE ARE TOO MANY ADDS😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Fortnite mobile

Bruh this game is not better than Fortnite

Good game

Really comas as heck


This game is amazing. It’s so addicting and I just love to open it up when I’m bored, and when I look at the clock a hour as gone by. If you’re looking for passing time or if you get bored, this game is perfect. It’s fun, easy, and encourages you to play more when you want to defeat something or beat your high score or get apples to buy a knife you’ve been looking at. The bosses have put me to the edge of my seat so many times when I just want to defeat them! I’ve gotten nearly all of the boss knives and 70000 apples in total. My favorite challenge was the monster challenge mostly because it was the first one I defeated. This game makes you believe in yourself, and I feel like it’s helped me in the real world when it comes to having the courage to put something on myself or do something. I would totally suggest this game, and it’s great if you want to play a game on your phone with your friends to take turns with. I have one friend that whenever she comes over we just play this game over and over again until she has to go because we love it so much!


This game is so good of a game thanks for making it and I play it all the time

Good game but

Great game and addicting, but WAAYYYY overboard with the popup advertisements. Every move you make you have to sit through one, they literally even have them pop up right in the middle of gameplay so youre already tapping and will tap their advertisement......its a shame, i really like this game, but i cant play it getting advertisements 3 or 4 times each round, and in between rounds, and at start of game, and at the end of each round.......its nerve racking......

I like this game but it is so hard my high score is 17


Awesome game!!!!

This is one of the best games I’ve ever played and I love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, I also have one suggestion for you guys, you should be able to fight witch ever boss you want but you need to pay 💰 apples 🍎🍏 to do so. You need to pay 💰 250 🍎 for a normal one, 500 🍎 for a rare one and 1,000 🍎 for a legendary one.


5star game......very addicting.... to many adds

Where are the new Challenge modes?

They post a date when the next challenge mode is coming out but it never does. It’s been almost a month since the new ones release date and still no update. I have done all there is to do in the game so the new challenge levels are all that’s left for me. Please UPDATE the game!


Game is fun, but contains way to many annoying ads! To remove ads simply uninstall the game. If a game is good enough people will buy it. Forcing them to buy it to remove the annoying ads is crappy.

Fun Game


Game-breaking Bugs

Please for the love of god fix the frame rate issues and the advertisements not giving the correct rewards (extra lives, challenge skips)


This is not bad not bad game

Favorite game that doesn’t require WiFi

The game Is really fun in general and the knifes are really creative.But the only bad part is that it sometimes repeats the same dumb adds that you don’t want


It’s good but their a lot of lag why ads


This game is AMAZING and ADDICTIVE I play this game all the time!!! I feel complete whenever I beat a new Boss and get a new knife 😂 the only problem is there is a lot of ads there could be a little less otherwise you NEED to get this game!!! 😀😀😀


To many add and the adds are too long

Great game

I give this a five because you get a challenge and satisfaction with it

Fun knife action!

I’m having a lot of fun with this game. It takes patience and aim.

Best game I’ve ever played !!!!!!!!

This game is so amazing! And it’s so addictive! Once you start playing you can’t stop! Also you get cool knives it’s so much fun!


Good blades great resistance all around great game to play on your phone

An ad every 3 games!!!!

The ads are getting very repetitive and annoying. Please for the love of god make it like “ 1 ad every 6 games or something”

Good game, but...WHAT DO THE APPLES DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of weeks now, and it’s pretty decent. But there is one problem...WHAT DO THE APPLES DO? I COLLECT SOME DAILY, THEN SOME WHILE PLAYING. BUT THEY DO NOTHING!

Good game but ads

I love this game in all but there’s to much ads. Like I don’t even go through 2 games without ads. Pls fix. Otherwise it’s a good game! :D

I absolutely love this game

This game is so much fun I almost have all the knives download this game it’s very entertaining and exciting! The thing that I like about this game is that there’s bosses

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