Knife Hit App Reviews

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Was good now not so much

Game could be a lot better if you didn’t throw ads at me during the middle of the game and freeze the screen every few minutes


If I get one more word charm ad I am going to kill my self.



Kinfe hit

Hi I am Ava I love your game because it’s so fun and there’s so many different kinfes thanks for making this game it’s fun bye

Really fun please read

I wish there was less Xp needed to level up it’s really fun kinda an Grindy game

Use to love this game

$20/mo subscription? This is straight up robbery.

Like it

Hey knife is the is hard but is so fun I think you for who ever made this game.thank you

This is the worst game I’ve ever played

I thought this would be going to be ok but is the most trash game ever been invented


I played a continue ad and it didn’t let me continue




I love this game MY first boss was THE LEGENDARY APPLE PIE ONE in was so happy but I beat 40 challenges on the treasures one and I got no knife even though I was supposed to get a knife( 4 to be exact) So. Can u fix that please?

I Wish I Could Play The Game, Without It Crashing

It's a pretty great game, but I can't do anything without it crashing on me. Whenever I try to access the knife collection, the game crashes. Whenever I lose the game, and the ad comes up, the game crashes. Sometimes, I'll be in the middle of a round, and the game will crash without me even doing anything! It's a great game, but I'm not paying $4.99 a month to potentially fix that.

Knife game

Spent the ridiculous $1.99 for the adds to go away. Played one round and then had to watch TWO adds to play again. Rip off


What a great game. The concept is different,it’s fun to play,and like always,a great ketchapp game

Crashes constantly

I have an iPhone 6+ running iOS 10 and it crashes constantly, haven't had a problem with other games by this developer.


I thought this game wouldn’t be that fun or I would delete it after the first week but I’ve been playing this game for a long time and keep coming back to it!

VIP..seriously!? ($250 a year)

The game is good as a time killer but $4.99 a week/$250 a year to be've got to be kidding me. Get a grip and stop trying to rip people off..


Too many adds when you lose. Makes playing the game not enjoyable to play. To much down time spent waiting for the adds to go away. That’s why I’m giving this game 1 star and uninstalling it.

Knife hit

This game is awesome

Rip off

They think we play this game to the point that we would pay 4.99 a WEEK for “vip” that’s lame asf

Es entretenida y divertida, pero...

No me gusta para nada que haya mucha publicidad. Hay publicidad para saltearse un challengue, para conseguir manzanas, para desbloquear cuchillos (hay que ver hasta 12 anuncios, increíble), cuando perdés a veces te pone un anuncio, cuando jugás te pone un anuncio pequeño en forma de rectángulo, hay para continuar y volver a continuar, etc... y encima no ganan lo suficiente al parecer como para poner cuchillos “premiun” que se compran. Comprando todos los cuchillos te da un valor mayor a 40 dólares. Corrijan eso y ya van a ver que su juego va a crecer más. Ah, por cierto, los rectángulos publicitarios matan el rendimiento del juego haciendo que se lagee.

$5 a Week for VIP??

They just released an update that is going to trick a lot of people out of their money. You will not see signs asking you to upgrade to VIP for free, but in the fine print it says it’s free for the first few days and then it’s $4.99 A WEEK after that. Not happy with this addition at all.

Very fun and addictive!

I downloaded this app a long while ago and I have not been disappointed since! It's very fun and a lot like the app, "aa". However, you get apples and beat bosses in order to unlock new knifes.


I can barely play this game. It has so many ads that it lags all the time. It gets pretty frustrating after a while.

Fun game but I think there’s a problem

After you lose ads start playing which makes sense. But they have the option to get rid of the ads for $1.99 which I paid for and ads are still playing.


Great app in the world

Fun game

Fun to kill time with.

Really Addicting!

So fun



Not my type

Well me as a kid it’s not my type it’s boring all you do is throw a knife at a wooden log so I hate it srry


Where’s the supposed “treasure” update that was supposed to come out weeks ago(now months)?

Not bad

It’s ok. You just throw’s ok.

Unplayable Cash Grab

There’s constant ads that can’t be removed as you’re playing. They slow the game down and make it lag. It’s virtually unplayable because of it. They also make you replay the same levels every time, there’s no real progression. The bosses are random and you’re required to watch ads and pay money for most knives, no way around it. 1/5 It was fun for 5 minutes.

Good game

The game is another by kechapp the gameplay is simple by very fun

great game !

i always play this after jacking off. really makes my day better xoxo

App will randomly freeze and crash

This app is alright I think they should make it easier to get apples and they should fix all the glitches

Too many ads

Ads every 4 seconds




I love this app so much I can’t stop using this app 😁❤️👌🏼


Ads always popping up in the MIDDLE of playing. Otherwise fun and addicting. I know there’s gonna be ads but why in the middle of the game ?

Good but laggy

The game is fun but the lag is so intense that I can’t do much at all

Fix your game

I have good WiFi and it keeps lagging it then I lose so yeah y’all need to fix that

50 x 110% = 55

Great game to kill time I think the knifes and bosses are fine maybe a bigger variety and maybe it could say how much you increase the chances of the upgrades I was disappointed when I found out it was only 1% but when I got the 10% more apples from video upgrade I checked and it went from 50 apples to 60, which would be 20% more... I’m probably that one nerd that actually cares but more apples then. Otherwise great game


I’m addicted

Very nice game

Very nice game it’s just like AA but way more fun thanks for making this

Super laggy!!

This game is really laggy when you have your internet on. Other than that, good game


A really solid game would recommend 11/10

Awesome Knife hit

Your game is so awesome I just don’t know. And you should be so proud of your game. Thank you so so very much for your awesome game


if you love ads, you’ll love this game with an ad every half a second.

Extremely good game

The game is really good it’s a easy game to handle and doesn’t want to make you pull your hair out if you lose

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