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Loads in a way that tricks you into clicking Ads.

Game loads up to the first screen but unresponsive. You can tap anywhere and then an ad loads up and it'll register your tap as if you clicked on the Ad. Pretty sneaky. So one star for bad practices.

Laggy sometimes and ads only removed from 1 device

Pretty fun game, but it’s usually laggy on my phone for some reason which makes me fail at getting the knife stick. It was also annoying to pay for the ads to be removed and it only applies to one device. When I’ve bought other games or upgrades everything gets propagated to all devices using that iTunes account. This one is the first that has not. Maybe Apple changed the way they do things or they just want more money from you.


Fun game you will get hooked

I Love This Game, But......

This game is awesome! It's so addicting and fun to play! But it wastes so much of my battery on my phone.

Ok game 🙂

Let me start off by just saying this is a very good game that you can play to just kill time during the day and requires no Wi-Fi or Internet connection so that’s good and it’s very addicting at some point the reason I’m rating it this low is because There are a lot of really good knives you can get by FIghting rare and legendary bosses but after the first couple days of playing it you only get a chance to fight either of those two once every 20 or so rounds I’d say after about a week of playing I would get a rare or legendary boss chance very Occasionally. It gives you wear a boss chances and legendary boss chances every now and then but it’s usually the ones you arty fight many times before And defeated you only get a new chance legendary I’d say every 35 to 60 rounds also if you want to watch 12 videos for just one knife I would rather just pay the 250 apples for a select random so that’s why am reading in the slow it’s a pretty fun game to play when you just wanna kill some time but if they lower the prices of the knives and if there were more of a chance that you would’ve been a legendary boss then I would rate it higher

Found the one

I looooove it , my game


There are a lot of ads that are killing the interest in the app because that I drop it the app.


Wth am I doing with emojis. Anyways this is a good game, but the ads? Please lower the amount of ads just lil bit. Btw bye have a nice day!


While the game is very fun and a good time killer, the shear number of ads and their attempts to load create lag which ruins the game experience.

Knife ife

This game is fun but pretty much the same thing al the time

Lit af

This game is so LIT AF

Good could be better

It’s a good game but I feel like you should be able to do challenges with friends and when you get done with filling out that thing by fighting bosses you should get apples 🍎 like 500 of them

Good game overall

Addictive to be sure. I like the different knife choices as well. Needs a place to submit a bug report. Having an issue when continuing on a boss level. It freezes on the continue screen after the ad. Other than that. A great game.


Every time I freakin die a stupid ad shows up and opens up the App Store. GET RID OF THE F#%*KING ADS. THEIR SUPER ANNOYING

Paid Ad Removal

I finally caved and clicked on the purple button to remove the ads. My thought was, “Yaye! This is so worth it if I don’t have to waste another 30 seconds of my day watching ads”... Unfortunately, this purchase only removed the banner at the bottom of the screen (which I didn’t mind anyway) and the short 5 second ads that return players back to Stage1. If you opt to “Continue” you’re still stuck watching 30 second ads :( BOOOOOOOOOOO.

Game crashed... lost all knives

I have been playing this game for weeks, before the exp system was added. Since then, I have played to level 25. I currently have nearly 10,000 apples saved up and pages of knives bought. My game just crashed and while that progress is still saved, every knife I have bought or earned in-game has disappeared. I tried restoring in-app purchases to no avail. This is a pretty bad bug.

So Addicting!!!

There is no one main goal and you can go at you’re personal paste.


I’ve gotten some apps and they come and go but Knife Hit is a fun easy tap n’ win game and you collect some pretty cool knives. Overall the game is really solid I’ve seen no issues and it can help relieve some stress. Challenge mode was recently released adding 16 (I think) more knives which is awesome, if you want a fun easy game you can go to when you’re bored Knife hit is it, also it’s NOT pay to win

Great game

Amazing game, great graphics, and it is not completely pointless like other ketchapp games. Especially liking the new challenges but there is still room for improvement. A request for the dev is to add a knife chest that you could win a knife from that you would have to pay real money for. Overall it’s a great game.

Calms my nerves

I’m not to big in games in my phone. But I’ve been okay this one for the last five months.when someone pisses me off I’m play this game when I’m bored I play this game.i love forward to the different knives and the challenges!❤️

Great game, no check points

This is a great simple and addicting game. Personally I would like to see sequential bosses with level checkpoints instead of starting over from scratch at level one. Also, if I pay to have all the ads removed entirely, I don’t think that I should still have to watch all the ads for the ad specific knives. I think that adding those knives being unlocked with the ad removal would have made the $4 purchase a little more worth it.

Awesome game!!!!

Love this game, great way to pass the time🤙🏻

I am COMPLETELY addicted

This is an amazing game, and I've gotten addicted in under a day!


This game used to be good and now this game became crap it throw the knife with tap on it but dose it by itself


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This game is really addicting and you don't need wifi so it's fun to play on planes

Fun addictive but one thing. PLEASE READ

Great game but my review is more of a “Huh?” So every time you hit an apple you get two “apples” or points. So explain to me that if you always get two, how do I have an odd number?!?!? It’s not a big deal but it bothers my ocd

Great but challenging game

Great game can get hard but it’s a great game to pass the time

Fun game Ads are ridiculous.

I’m ok with ads I understand companies gotta get paid but this game is just way too full of them. Even if you decide to purchase the game it won’t get rid of the ads on continue. What a joke.

This game is amazing and calming

The fact that you don't need Internet for this game is absolutely amazing. You gain levels and improve your skills. 😸

Knife hit rules!


Laggy on my iPhone 6

I would have a lot more fun if this game didn’t lag so much

It's addicting

I can't stop playing!!! Hawlp!!!!

An Ads that happens to have a game.

This is an Advertisement showcaser that lets you play a game while the are loading. GG.


Some of the adds are broken, one of them I try to exit out of the add and it kicks me out of the game. Some of them when I tap the exit out button it just doesn’t do anything. But the game is still fun and I would give it a 4 out of 5 if it wasn’t for the adds.


I like it

Really good game

This game is really addicting! It’s Soo good!! But, I do have a suggestion. I think that you should make it that when you hold down, the knifes start rapidly hitting the target. Just a suggestion, not that big of a deal, awesome app. Highly recommend.

Great game!

This game is amazing! Even though it’s been reviewed pretty badly I truly recommend this game! It’s fun and slightly addicting and is a true time killer!

I is great I love it

It so good goodgoodgoodgoodgood

Following a trend

Used to love this game but now it seems like a lot of the other games that are out now. The ads make it freeze a lot and render it unplayable.

Golden Apples

Pretty solid game overall but I stopped getting golden apples entirely a little bit ago and I updated the app but they still don’t appear




I’m totally addicted to this game.....BUT I hate having to start back at level one EVERY single time you die. I think you should be able to start at the level you die at or whichever you want to start out. That’s so frustrating having to start back at level one every time.

Swigitty swooty


Good game

Nice game I really like it

Ads are aids!!!

Great game but deleted it because of the ads, after every try there is an ad and I had enough of it so DELETED.

What about extra lives?

This game is very addictive very fun but i die too much any way for like extra lives?

Loving it

This game is impossible to stop playing I can’t put my phone down for one second

Ads make it unplayable

When ads are running, it causes the game to lag so much that I constantly lose for no reason. When ads are not running, it runs very smoothly.

Best Ketchapp Game

Estoty did a really good job on this game. The new challenges and knives are great.

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